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About us

Boho Pip is a costume jewelery and jewelery firm based in Madrid, which despite working at street level for many years, in 2020 we saw the need to adapt to the digital 4.0 transformation of recent years. Boho Pip started and continues working in Markets throughout the Spanish territory, giving importance to direct contact with people. 

It is a family firm made with effort and love, with the aim of accompanying you in your daily life with simple and versatile jewelry. His designs are inspired by his endless travels around the world.



We want to offer a versatile and different product and ensure that women feel comfort and quality at all times with our jewelry and that at the same time they are always in fashion with trendy products. 


We believe in what we do, that's why our dedication is in every detail, we let ourselves be inspired by our own identity and with each jewel we want to express and develop a different style. 

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