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THE FALL TRENDS. Discover the new Chokers

Ready to release your fall looks and say goodbye to summer? But don't worry, it's not all bad news at the change of season.

One of the most popular trends in jewelry this year is the Choker, do not you have yours yet? Although they have been with us for several seasons, the choker are booming and are never lacking in the looks of the an influencer

The characteristic of this jewel is its length, the chokers are a type of choker adjusted around the neck, highlighting the silhouette of the neck. These types of chokers are ideal to combine with necklaces of different lengths and give a unique touch to your looks. 


En bohopip you will find a great variety of Chokers: 

  • Chokers with zircons: This style of choker conveys a subtle and delicate look for more special occasions. 
  • Sterling silver chokers: A basic for your day to day that brings a unique and fun style to your daily looks. 
  • Choker with natural stones: These chokers combine a gold-plated sterling silver chain with natural stones such as turquoise or black onyx to give a sample of color to your combinations.


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